Terms and Conditions

Connect by Databank™
Multi-Channel Communications from thedatabank, gbc

Client Agreement - Terms and Conditions

I. Highlights of features and services included in this Agreement:

A. Connect by Databank (Connect) - Connect is a multi-channel communications software built on the Databank Nonprofit CRM platform. With Connect, organizations can manage communications with supporters across multiple channels including: email, SMS Text, Voice, Social Media, Website, and Direct Mail.

B. eMarketing Tools - Using our own integrated PowerMail bulk email platform, design HTML emails, add Tell-A-Friend features, and send emails to any segmented list. Bounces and subscriptions are handled automatically and recorded in a contact’s activity history. Access reports on actions of contacts such as click through or unsubscribe. Email templates are included. Unlimited email messages included.

C. Social Media Posting - PowerMail also includes the ability to easily post your messages to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

D. Social Media Profile Enhancement - Contact records can be updated with publicly available social media profile information for an additional fee.

E. SMS Text and Voice Communications - Connect’s integrated CallHub tools allow users to send bulk personalized SMS texts, SMS Text Sign Up Campaigns, Peer to Peer Texting, Virtual Phone Banks, and Voice Broadcast Campaigns with response capabilities to contacts in their database. The integration ensures that you have a record of all the ways an individual was contacted.

  1. CallHub has per text/call price that is an additional charge and not included in subscription cost of Connect.

  2. For more information please refer to CallHub’s Terms of Service

F. Mail Merge - Create and output letters, envelopes, and other documents for direct mail communications. Documents can be personalized with data from contact records.

G. Secure Mobile Responsive Web Forms – Connect comes with a secure online Sign Up form for collecting supporter information and a Contact Profile Form which allows contacts to update their personal information and subscriptions to communication publications. Forms include a heading, personalized introductory text, unlimited number of client-defined subscription options, and auto-response emails. Forms can be edited by the client. Subscribers receive an automatic email acknowledgment and the subscription preferences are automatically recorded in the contact’s record.

H. Activity History – Connect stores a detailed activity history for each contact including the date, type and method of communications, who initiated the activity, and notes. Activity histories are searchable, reportable, and can be bulk-updated.

I. Data Management – Manual data entry for additional contacts and activities is included, campaigns and transactions as needed. The system features sophisticated tools for managing data including: Identifying and merging duplicate records on demand and bulk updating of contact record fields.

J. Automatic Address Verification and Geocoding – Address Verification keeps your data standardized and conforms to postal code preferences. Geocoding allows you to pinpoint contacts via longitude and latitude in the included mapping feature.

K. Searches – Virtually any field in Connect can be searched. Multi-step searches can also be named and saved. Search results can be flagged.

L. Reports – Includes on-the-fly Roster Reports. Select any set of data and output in a roster format. One-click executive reports such as Contact Activity Engagement, Activity History, and Mapping of Selected Contact. Reports can be viewed on screen or downloaded.

M. Exporting Data – Lists can be exported or downloaded in a variety of formats, including mailing labels, text files, and zip files.

N. Relationships – Links can be created between contacts, with user-defined relationship types and roles.

O. User Account – Client defined user accounts included. The client is responsible for password security. Please keep your password safe and change it frequently.

P. Data Import – Clients have two options to move existing records into Connect:

  1. Self-serve data import tool via text delimited or Excel files.

  2. Hire our technicians to import data, billed at an hourly rate.

II. Timeline and setup process

A. New Sign up - Pay annual fee for 12 months, with first month free. Subscription price is determined by number of records at the time of sign up.

B. Accounts are set up within 2 business days after receiving your payment.. At that time you will receive a welcome message, your login information, training and support resources, and further instructions.

C. You will receive data import instructions along with your login information. Self-serve data import can begin immediately, and requests for assistance will be assigned to technical staff.

III. Pricing and payment

A. One-time setup fee – No charge

B. Subscription - The subscription will be paid annually via electronic funds transfer (EFT/ACH) or credit card. Your 1st year subscription is charged when you sign up for Connect . Annual renewal subscription fees will be charged on the anniversary of your initial sign up. Price tiers are as follows:

Connect Annual Subscription by Tiers
0 - 1,000 records $1,200 ($1,100 1st year)
1,001 - 10,000 records $2,400 ($2,200 1st year)
10,001 - 20,000 records $3,600 ($3,300 1st year)
20,001 - 30,000 records $4,800 ($4,400 1st year)
30,001 - 40,000 records $6,000 ($5,500 1st year)
40,001 - 50,000 records $7,200 ($6,600 1st year)
50,000+ records Based on quotation

The annual subscription price is calculated and charged at the time of sign up. Records are monitored on a monthly basis. If at anytime your records exceed the maximum number of records in your current price tier, you will be billed accordingly. No refunds will be given for moving down price tiers.

C. Data migration work, if needed, is billed at an hourly rate. The current rate is $100/hour.

D. 30 day money back guarantee – If you are not satisfied with Connect within the first 30 days, your annual subscription payment will be refunded. Simply email your request to guarantee@thedatabank.com within 30 days after your account has been activated.

IV. Other terms of Agreement

A. Maintenance – Electronic backups are performed in real time, and the entire system is backed up daily. System upgrades are provided automatically as soon as they become available. System performance is monitored 24/7 and adjustments are made as necessary for optimal performance.

B. Training:

  1. Ongoing training - Topical group trainings are available at no extra charge for the life of your account, via a live web conference. On-demand video tutorials are also available. Please anticipate and commit to approximately 4 hours of training to learn your Connect features.

C. Support:

  1. Support is provided free of charge through the thedatabank’s Online Support Center and the Support Request Form in your Connect. The Online Support Center features electronic requests, status tracking, tips and discussion forums for our users. Detailed User Guides are also available through Connect’s Help menu.

  2. Support requests will be answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central time.

  3. Additional Paid Support: Phone support is available for $100 per hour, charged in 15 minute increments, $25 minimum per call. Phone calls are billed and charged to the client's billing credit card or ACH bank account immediately following completion of the call.

D. Data Access and Administration - The Client is responsible for data entry and data integrity.

E. Rights to Data and Application – thedatabank, gbc will retain ownership and all rights to the application, including program codes and interfaces. The Client will retain complete ownership of all related contact data that is input and or derived from the use of the system. thedatabank, gbc will not at any time rent, exchange or use any client data.

F. No Spam – thedatabank, gbc has a strict anti-spam policy. Any client found to be using the Connect for sending spam will be immediately cut off. The full policy is available at https://www.thedatabank.com/anti-spam-policy/ .

G. Security – All client data will be maintained in a “Tier 1” secure data server environment with state-of-the art security. Access to the database requires a password. Data is encrypted in transmission using SSL encryption.

H. Length of Agreement - This is a 12 month Agreement that automatically renews each year on the anniversary of the client’s initial sign up date (renewal date) for an additional year. Either party may terminate or cancel the automatic renewal for any reason by giving written (email is satisfactory) notice to the other party at least 30 days before the renewal date. Refunds are only available within the first 30 day trial period.

Please contact thedatabank, gbc at (612) 455-3511 or connect@thedatabank.com if you have any questions prior to accepting this Agreement.