“Mobile Focused Communications”

cell phones are the number one way people read email, visit websites, and interact with social media. When you add text and phone calls, connect gives you five communication channels that are mobile focused.

with connect you can send communications via email, SMS text, website, social media, voice, even direct mail all in one integrated system. All communication touch points are tracked in connect, giving you a full understanding of how each supporter is responding to each type of communication.



PowerMail™ is our proprietary tool where you create bulk, personalized email messages through an easy to use drag and drop editor. Messages can be posted to social media and websites.

Our Databank has revolutionized our ability to communicate with our members... We now get news out to the people who need it, and we receive vital reactions and data back, all in one seamless, efficient system.
— Bob Utke, MnACTE



Integrated CallHub tool where you can create and send voice broadcast and text communications.

The Databank’s text sign up capabilities through CallHub has been the perfect way to quickly and efficiently signup hundreds of supporters at our events.
— Doug Pagitt, Vote Common Good


Once you’re logged into your system you’ll be able to quickly see all of your communication activities over a period of time in this Engagement Activity Report.

I really feel I am working with a company that wants my organization to succeed at its mission, not to sell me as much software as it can get me to buy.
— Michael Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes


Nonprofit CRM

All communication activities are driven and tracked by a robust CRM database with full search and segmenting capabilities.

A strong, comprehensive database is at the core of any successful organization, campaign, or business. You need data on your supporters, and you need a way to easily access that data and keep it up-to-date.
— Adam Snyder, Conservation Alabama


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